walking mother project
This art project was created to honor the powerful energy that the feminine manifests by sustaining life in every corner of Mother Earth.
For a human society based on dignity, love and respect.
May every path be free and celebrated for its diversity.
For all our relations

I am the Mother
ancient root and matrix
of the Dream that creates everything.

I am the Mother who generates and spreads
the seed of abundance.

I am the Walking Mother
a powerful and magical pace
thanks to you, my journey starts
for the awakening of a new humanity.

I had been thinking quite a while about how art shaped by my hands could be put at the service of the human community, art as a divine instrument that runs through us, able to reveal the powerful universal beauty that composes us.
I wanted to send messages to the world, get words and beauty to travel, spread concepts of respect, sharing and abundance. So I dreamed of the Mother, the representation of the feminine principle of Life, the X chromosome that the whole humanity shares, whatever gender they belong to.
The Mother as a human matrix, a creative alchemical womb that generates balance, peace, justice, respect and celebration of Life. The Mother, the ancient cult of a humanity deeply connected to the natural laws of reciprocity, forgotten in its powerful magic and symbolic value of fertility, returns to colonize the imaginary of a human reality where the balance of duality (between genders) feeds a new vision of shared abundance, giving space to a new paradigm.
I have given a word to each Walking Mother, which is the message she brings.
I modelled the Mother with bright clay. There are seeds of abundance in her womb that I have molded with a mixture of different clays. Their name in modern language is "production waste" but I prefer to call them surpluses, a tangible evidence of the very principle of abundance in diversity, typical of Mother Earth. I entrusted Fire, master of intent, with her transformation. The eternal flame passed through every cell of her clay body, consolidated by the dance of the four elements.

Emanuela Chiarini

Keep the Mother with you for the time of a lunation, about 28 days or so, familiarize yourself with her appearance, her brightness, the substance she is made of in which elements are combined in the alchemy of transformation.
Then give her away.
Free her essence, allow her to go, become the means by which she may express her potential, her mission, and bless her journey. You can give her to anyone you want, or leave her somewhere in nature or in an urban center. Take her to foreign lands or to the park near home: wherever you think it is necessary to leave the message she is witnessing. Document her adventure with an image and help keep the story of this project updated. If you happen to find a Walking Mother and decide to take her with you, do the same.

Send a photo: take a picture of the Walking Mother in the place where her journey begins. If you are giving her to someone, hand the instructions to the person who will receive her so that they can become an instrument in her path.
I have numbered each Walking Mother: send me a photo, the name of the place or city, the reference number and the date so that we can create a record of her itinerary, written testimony of the places she visits during her adventurous journey.

Send the photo to
To my mother
who gave me life and freedom
To Barbara
who showed me unconditional love
To Alessandra
a weaver of knowledge, a powerful walking mother.

Buy your Walking Mother

Order total is 46,50 €  

Each Walking Mother is handmade and made of mild clay baked in a wood-burning oven over a direct flame. Any color variations and small inaccuracies are evidence of the craftsmanship of the piece and the method of baking. Fears frost.

Dimension: 13,5 cm - 6 cm - 6 cm
Package: 20 cm - 10 cm - 10 cm
Weight: 0,2 kg - with package 0,4 kg

Cost: Walking Mother cost is 40,00 €
Shipping: shipping cost only for Italy è is 6,50 €
In case of shipment to foreign countries, please contact me by email for a shipping quote.

Delivery time: 4 working days from shipment with Crono di Poste Italiane service, SDA courier.


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